Boosting the digital transition through lifelong learning, Policy paper
Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) & NORDTEK

Presentation of the project at the DIGITALEUROPE, Digital Skills Working Group meeting

Inese Podgaiska, ANE (28 February 2020)

Paper presented at SEFI conference 2019 – Attracting (female) adolescents into STEM studies – where’s the beef?

J. Suviniitty, M. Clavert, Aalto University Espoo, Finland (17-18 September 2019)

Paper presented at SEFI conference 2019 – The Future of Engineering Education: Where Are We Heading?

L. Gumaelius, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden

A. Kolmos, Aalborg University Aalborg, Denmark

ANE Article: The Nordic Engineering Hub for a new generation of STEM professionals

NordEnHub brochure in pdf format

Ásrún Matthíasdóttir, 2021. Engineering education in the Nordic countries. Report of the Nordic hub project: STEM skills and competes for the new generation of Nordic engineering

Nordic council of ministers’ contribution in NordEnHub project: presentation and files:

Engineering education 2030

L. Gumaelius and A. Kolmos, “The future engineer, work in progress“, 126th Annual Conference & Exposition, ASEE 2019.

L. Gumaelius and A. Kolmos, “The future of engineering education : Where are we heading?,” in SEFI 47th Annual Conference : Varietas Delectat… Complexity is the New Normality, Proceedings, 2020, s. 1663-1672.

H.W. Routhe, M. Winther, M. Magnell, L. Gumaelius and A. Kolmos. ”Faculty perspectives on Future Engineering Education”, in REES AAEE 2021, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, 2021

Strategy for universities’ continues education

Work in progress paper – which means the scope of the paper was discussed among peers at the IACEE World Conference 2021 – International Association for Continuing Engineering Education.

Workshop – SEFI Annual Conference 2022, A Panoramic View of Strategy, Organisation and Practice in Continuing Engineering Education. See the accepted abstract for the workshop:

Forming interest for STEM among youth

Motivating adolescents to study engineering – Analysis of different Nordic STEM outreach activities

Motivating adolescents to study engineering: promoting autonomy

Motivating adolescents to study engineering: raising awareness

Motivating adolescents to study engineering: strengthening competence

Motivating adolescents to study engineering: supporting relatedness

Summary of NordEnHub project presentation

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