Objectives of NordEnHub

1. Stimulate development in engineering education

Based on the outcomes of a conducted comparative analysis of the various educational practices, to propose solutions to close the exiting gaps and to modernise the entire education chain from school level to higher education, including continuous education.

2. Become an expert voice to policymakers

With reference to the results of the conducted research, to provide advice and form recommendations for policy interventions and support.

3. Establish a stakeholders’ network 

Through the creation of inter-sectorial networks as discussion- and anchoring- base for participants from engineering institutions, academia, business and public sector. 

4. Raise awareness and attractiveness of STEM education throughout the whole education chain

By establishing a database that aims at describing and comparing the educational environments in the Nordic countries. In addition, by identifying best practices in raising interest for STEM among the young generation as well as providing visibility to these practices through targeted communication events.

5. Create a place for project initiation

By means of facilitating research, innovation and development applications for STEM education, as well as initiating new collaborative activities for practitioners in schools, colleges and universities.

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